AVANT TOI is not simply a knitwear brand; it is a constantly evolving world. We decided to expand our iconic style, bringing it to your feet, to create a total look that includes sneakers for both men and women!
AVNT SHOES are the transposition of our garments on sneakers, and they present the same unique and incomparable techniques and materials. You will find low sneakers ingauzed cashmere and silk, high ankle sneakers in gauzed cashmere and wool, boots made with 100% cashmere fabrics with touches of lamination, or viscoseand silk velvet, jacquard and fil coupé.  
Of course, our iconic hand painting techniques add the finishing touch: boots and hand-painted sneakers with a camouflage effect, fabrics in satin silk with picturesque prints, airbrushed sprays that create a rust effect and much more.
Wanting to respect both Nature and ourselves, we decided to also use reclaimed materials in our shoes collection, giving new life to the scraps and clippings from our knitwear production and remaining true to our identity, with the intent of always being inspired to amaze, combining art and fashion.
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