Flagship Store
In 2018, AVANT TOI launched the AVANT TOI HOME line, while at the same time inaugurating its first global mono-brand store dedicated to interior design. An enchanting, 140 square meters scenario which recalls a haven of earthy colors with shafts of light filtering through the leaves of a primordial forest.
The AVANT TOI HOME collection reflects the experimental approach in manufacturing techniques and materials, which has always been at the heart of the AVANT TOI world. Elements of design such as blankets, pillows, carpets and tablecloths are adorned by hand painting, the iconic symbol of the brand, becoming extraordinary objects which transform the home in a magical and warm sanctuary. The monobrand store is located in Via Carlo Botta 8, in the Porta Romana area, and ever since its opening it has become a reference point during the Milan Design Week thanks to the passionate and exotic parties organized throughout the years.
The unmistakable cashmere materials are at the basis of the creative concept and are used to reinterpret elements hanging from the ceiling to cover chandeliers, envelop mirrors, and become part of true frescoes.
To complete this scenario, some extravagant creatures, realized with fabric cutouts, adorn the walls of the AVANT TOI Home: an ironic, fantastic, and absolutely cruelty free interpretation of classic hunting trophies, created by the artist and co-founder Mirko Ghignone.