Liapull Cashmere was born in Genoa in 1947, thanks to the passion and constant dedication of its founder: Lia Gambetta. A Genovese native with an entrepreneurial spirit and a visionary approach, Lia was able to create a successful company that has endured for more than 60 years, simply from a small sewing machine used as a hobby. Starting with elementary yarns such as mohair and wool, the choice of materials became progressively more sophisticated, advancing towards cashmere and silk. Today, the company is one of the most advanced in precious yarn manufacturing and experimentation.
The founder’s youthful energy and the reconstructive atmosphere characteristic of post war Italy proved to be a successful combination in meeting the challenges of a new activity. And the tradition continues through the determination of her children, Mirko and Fiorella Ghignone. Mirko, artist with a creative and irreverent mentality and a passion for painting, began experimenting early on with an “action painting” technique on luxury knits, transforming Liapull over the years into an internationally renowned pioneer in the use and development of color.
The Liapull headquarters occupies a strategic position that boasts a spectacular view of the city, on a hill dominating the entire bay of the Port of Genoa. The factory was acquired in the 1990s and houses the creative, production and management departments. Social identity, culture and tradition are the fundamental values that characterize every single garment produced, cherished by each individual involved in this exclusive “Made in Italy” process.
Liapull’s home city of Genova has been known for centuries as the source of superior cashmere, thanks to the purity of the water used in the washing process, bestowing a distinctive softness and delicacy to the material. Lia Gambetta’s passion, passed on over the years to her children who now head the company, is what makes each product unique. A combination of master craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, while emphasizing professionalism and transparency within the company and a strong respect for the environment. Values that represents the true frontier of Liapull’s entrepreneurial growth and development, alongside continuous research and avantgarde innovation. The union of tradition and experimentation gives rise to the AVANT TOI brand, produced and distributed by Liapull.