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Informative ex art. 13 under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (for the purposes of GDPR 2016/679)

1. Owners and data controllers – art. 13 Co. 1 lit. [A] [b] GDPR 2016/679.
The data controller is LIAPULL S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE. The data controller is obliged to provide you with information on the use of your personal details and to introduce you to the updated list of all data controllers.
The information also refers to the treatment carried out by persons who carry out, for the holder of the treatment, the technical or organisational tasks described in paragraph 2.

2. Purpose and method of treatment – art. 13 Co. 1 lit. [C] [d].
Nature of data transfer The personal data referred to in this statement are related to the conduct of economic activities related to the provision of services and are normally provided directly by the person to whom the personal data refer (the person concerned). The personal data are processed by the owner of the treatment for the following purposes related to the activities identified in the social object, i.e. the production, processing and marketing of clothing items in “cashmere” and other yarn, of products textiles in general and related and complementary products (skin, furs, leather goods, shoes, jewelry). The company will be able to hire textile and clothing representatives in general, grant the right to use its models to third parties for production use and produce under licence from third parties. For certain services, the holder of the treatment shall use persons of his own confidence who, acting as autonomous holders of the treatment, or in some cases as controllers, carry out tasks of a technical or organisational nature, such as, for Example: transmission, transport and sorting of communications; The provision of administrative-accounting services, archiving of documentation; The provision of services for the acquisition, registration and processing of data arising from documents or media provided or originated by the same persons concerned. The holder of the treatment and the subjects referred to in the preceding subparagraph shall process the personal data by electronic means or in any case automated. According to logic strictly related to the purposes themselves and in any case in order to guarantee the security and the confidentiality of the data themselves.

3. Categories of data subject to treatment.
Types of data processed: Common data. In the species, in relation to the purposes described in paragraph 2 above, the holder of the treatment and the subjects of which he uses shall treat his personal data relating to: address and other personally identifiable elements; tax code; identifying details of bank reports (IBAN), collaborators. In the execution of the contractual relationship, the Holder of the Treatment and the persons for which it uses do not need to deal with personal data other than art. 9 of the above Regulation defines as “particular”, such as: racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data, health data, biomedical data. The Treatment Owner does not collect personal data of children under the age of 16. If personal data of children under the age of 16 is unintentionally recorded, without parental permission, the Holder of the Treatment will provide their timely deletion.

4. Cookies
Il presente sito utilizza cookies, ossia sono presenti piccole stringhe di testo utilizzate per memorizzare alcune informazioni che possono riguardare l’utente, le preferenze o il dispositivo di accesso ad internet (computer, tablet o cellulare) e le medesime sono usate per adeguare il funzionamento del sito alle aspettative dell’utente, offrendo un’esperienza di navigazione più personalizzata e memorizzando le scelte effettuate in precedenza. I cookies non registrano alcuna informazione personale e gli eventuali dati identificabili non verranno memorizzati. Se si desidera, è possibile impedire il salvataggio di alcuni o tutti i cookies. Tuttavia, in questo caso l’utilizzo del sito e dei servizi offerti potrebbe risultarne compromesso. Per procedere senza modificare le opzioni relative ai cookies è sufficiente continuare con la navigazione e cliccare sull’icona “Accept”.

5. Categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated or which may be known to them as owners or controllers-art. 13 Co. 1 lit. [E] [f] GDPR 2016/679.
For the purpose of pursuing the purposes outlined in this statement, the data controller needs to communicate his personal information to third parties, belonging to the following categories of subjects:
• The subjects carrying out the technical and organisational tasks described in paragraph 2;
• Central and peripheral organs of the public administration;
• Local authorities and their peripheral organs;
• Authorities and supervisory and control bodies, judicial authorities, public safety authorities;
• Professionals, professional associations, banking and financial intermediaries.
The addressees of the communications described in this statement operate in full autonomy, acting as separate holders of the treatment or, in some cases, have been designated by the data controller as controllers. Their list, constantly updated, is available at the data controller may also be aware of your personal information, on the occasion of the execution of the tasks conferred on them, also the subjects designated by the holder of the treatment which are responsible for the treatment. The identity of the controllers designated by the data controller may be known in the manner indicated in the following paragraph 7. Finally, the data controller may be aware of his personal information, on the occasion of the execution of the tasks conferred on him by other holders of the treatment which will directly Collection of the same data therefore, this statement will be the next reporting value. The identity of the controllers designated by the data controller may be known in the manner indicated in the following paragraph 7. The personal data processed by the owner of the treatment and the subjects of which it is avails are not subject to diffusion.

6. Method of treatment and time of retention of personal data – art. 13 Co. 2 Lett [a] GDPR 2016/679
The data processing consists in the collection, registration, organization, retention, communication of the same data.
The processing of personal data is carried out on: computer support; by means of telematics (email, SMS, WhatsApp) and telephone. In compliance with the rules of lawfulness, legitimacy, confidentiality and security provided by the legislation in force. The personal data will be processed for the purposes referred to in paragraph 2 for the duration of the contractual relations established, and also thereafter, for the fulfilment of all the statutory fulfilments and, however, for a time not exceeding 10 years from establishing the contractual relationship or beyond in the cases expressly required by law.

7. Rights of the person concerned – art. 13 Co. 2 lit. [b] [C] [d] GDPR 2016/679 and regulation 679/2016
We inform you that the legislation relating to the protection of personal data gives the interested parties the possibility of exercising specific rights. In particular, each person concerned has:
A. The right of access, expressly provided for by art. 15 of regulation 679/2016, i.e. the possibility of access to all personal information relating to it;
B. The right of rectification, expressly provided for by art. 16 of regulation 679/2016, i.e. the possibility of obtaining the updating of inaccurate personal data concerning it without undue delay;
C. The right to oblivion, expressly provided for by art. 17 of regulation 679/2016, consisting of the right to delete personal data concerning the direct person concerned;
D. The right of limitation of treatment when one of the assumptions provided by art. 18 of regulation 679/2016;
E. The right to data portability, expressly provided by art. 20 of regulation 679/2016, i.e. the right to obtain in an interoperable format its data and/or the right to transmit its personal data to another holder of the treatment without hindrance by the holder of the treatment;
F. The right to withdraw consent at any time, expressly provided for in art. 7 of Regulation 679/2016;
G. The right to complain to the guarantor in the event of infringement in the data treatment pursuant to art. 77 of regulation 679/2016;
H. The right to propose a judicial remedy in the event of unlawful processing of the data, even against the acts of the Guarantor pursuant to article 78 of regulation 679/2016.

8. How to submit instances.
Requests relating to the identity of the other data controllers designated by the data controller and the requests referred to in paragraph 6 above may be formulated and forwarded in writing by e-mail Sent to the Inbox indicated in epigraph or by registered letter A/R to the address of the office indicated in epigraph. The complete list of managers appointed by the data controller may be requested by e-mail sent to the Inbox indicated in epigraph.

8. Nature of the conferral of personal data and consequences of eventual refusal to answer – art. 13 Co. 2 lit. [E] [f] GDPR 2016/679.
The conferral of personal data is optional. Any refusal to confer on them means that the activities listed in paragraph 2 cannot be carried out. With regard to your data, there is no automated decision-making process. The treatment involves its profiling in order to analyse its habits of consumption and to send them promotions and personalized offers.