October 5, 2023


October, 2023
Piazza Fossatello, Genova

"AVANT TOI - internationally renowned for its collections, whose uniqueness is characterized by a strong link to the world of art and exclusive aesthetic and stylistic research - opens a space within one of the historic Rolli palaces in Genoa's city center. Four dedicated storefronts are featured in Piazza Fossatello as part of the GenovaJeans event. This event showcases various exhibitions and artistic installations throughout Genoa, the birthplace of jeans (complete program on genovajeans.it). The space remains open during the GenovaJeans event days, and afterward, throughout the month of October, the four storefronts continue to display the installations.

The exhibition includes significant works of art from the HOME collection, which were initially unveiled during the Milan Design Week at the MUDEC (Museum of Cultures) in Milan. This unique exhibition celebrates the strong bond between the brand and art, color, and creativity. It also features paintings by the artist and creative director, Mirko Ghignone.

In addition to the brand's knitwear pieces, there is an exclusive capsule collection designed specifically for this occasion, drawing inspiration from denim fabric. Cashmere sweaters and jackets are seamlessly combined with vintage denim elements and then adorned with the brand's signature hand-painted colors, spanning all shades of blue. Meticulous craftsmanship and a unique use of color transform each piece into an individual work of art, solidifying the company's position as an exclusive presence in the global landscape of Made in Italy fashion."

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