mens spring summer 2016

Spring Summer 2016

the  masculine and feminine  elegance of the afro-dandy with its sartorial elements, fused with AVANT TOI’s   avant-garde research and artistry.

The images tell an old-fashioned, enchanting and sentimental story interpret a multicultural and multiracial world without frontiers, with a natural and refined charm. The setting is Harlem, melting pot of Europe, America and Africa, which enriches each of its resident cultures with variegated  colors and elements.  Exactly like the knits that Avant Toi transforms and elaborates with hand dying, spray painting, selective mutilation and artisan needlework, each piece becoming an original, one of a kind work of art.

A city that could be New Orleans or Havana. An underground of colors and aromas, but above all the languid power of jazz that envelops the couple in a game between reality and dreams, past and present, where real and surreal overlap and combine. Light and shadow surround the tantalizing characters in a cinematic atmosphere. 

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