Flower Power

Spring Summer 2018 fashion movie 

A celebration of life, joy and harmony. A hymn to freedom, composed of a slow flow of emotions and precious weaves that retain

unforgettable experiences and memories. Through time. Avant Toi’s summer freshness is infused with pure essence and lightness of being. A story enhanced by flashes and mirror effects, art performed on fabrics used as canvasses, on which to embed colorful feelings and sensations through gold and silver. A blend of visual decorations and artisan virtuosity which evoke the tones and floral spirit of the 70s', contaminated with references to hippie style. Metallic iridescence and rippling fringes that follow the rhythm of the sun and wind, in a journey to discover positivity. The brand’s philosophy of research and innovation– expressed in the destroyed effects and hand painting techniques that have always distinguished Avant Toi continues, welcoming a new pictorial spirit in which flowers and petals bloom through a vibrant and unusual palette.

art | photography Yuri Catania


creative directors | styling Mirko Ghignone and Sabrina Verrando


production Silvia Torricelli @ Yuri Catania LLC NYC


promotion Fiorella Ghignone e Luigia Gambetta-Liapull Srl



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