Eternity Love

Spring Summer 2019 fashion movie 

The most alive, emotional energy is that which comes from within. It feeds on the beauty and the goodness around it, to overcome limits and boundaries, becoming the most sustainable fuel. This is what Avant Toi does: its creativity holds on to the suggestions of happiness and beauty that it encounters with curiosity and the with the research of those which never become tired of observing, of becoming moved by emotions, of experimenting. It holds on to this beauty and joy, returning them in a synthesis of shapes and colors with an unmistakable but always renewed footprint. An immersion into the truest and most profound feelings that turns into a lightness and joy of life, expressed by the selection of the most precious yarns and fabrics, by the choice of original and unprecedented treatments, and by adopting colors and decorations which have a meaning beyond fashion.

art | photography Yuri Catania


creative directors | styling Mirko Ghignone and Sabrina Verrando


production Silvia Torricelli @ Yuri Catania LLC NYC


promotion Fiorella Ghignone e Luigia Gambetta-Liapull Srl



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